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Hi all. My name's David, born 9th of november 1981 and I'm from The Netherlands.
I was browsing through a lot of communities until I found this one. Quite a special one indeed. I've been through alot. I dumped girls and boys and they dumped me.
But the last two "relationships" I had (they were with girls), lasted only for like 6 weeks. I must say that's quite record for me. The first I dumped because of the second one. Which was a stupid mistake. I still think it was a stupid thing to break up with number one and go for number two, but I had my own personal reasons.
Now girl 2 broke up with me because she thought I was "too much of a grily-boy". Well. For fuck's sake. Look at me. Ofcourse I'm a girly boy. i like both genders. Those were things she knew but she decided to take advantage of me I guess until she had enough of it.
The breakup was a stupid phonecall. And that was 5 weeks ago already so I'm already over it. It was more sexually based so I wasn't really in love with her, that's why I'm not really bothered...

And know this boy is looking for love. I've had sex with loads of people (always safe!) but never felt like: 'Yes this is IT!'. So I'm ready now for a relation. I don't care where you're from. I'm ready. Take me in....

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