Derek Sweeney (benchmonkey) wrote in brokensceneboys,
Derek Sweeney

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hey, new to the community

my name is derek, 23, and a constant victim for heartbreak. few girlfriends in my past, mainly due to my last relationship about 5 6 years ago, (i don't keep track of time, causes more hurt) where two hurt people brought together over a betraying friend, we're torn apart by a bad family, and her moving away, and cheating on me broke us up. i felt i was lied to the entire time. and since then i've bitter against the idea of relationships. i'm over it now, but still when something happens between me and someone else i can't help but getting the feeling i'm being tricked in like with the ex. anyways, i've been helpng friends with break ups, and maybe my broken heart can help heal others, or maybe your can heal mine. hope to be chatting more with everyone here.
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