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last weekend exactly a week from today my ex boyfriend that i still have feelings for and i hooked up he knows about my feelings and just this wednesday he asked out this girl who he liked but hurt him recently and she broke up with her man sunday and now they go out...we talked about doiung stuff with eachother again but its before they were going out...i feel like shit because of they go out but i dont feel used for the action...its more my feeling are hurt because i have feeling for him and im not hurt because he did stuff with me and now goes out with her.i still feel like shit and his girlfriend doesnt like me and she might start hanging out with us (the group of people we chill with ,yes we hangout together and have since we broke up) i really dont want her to join us. and every one is calling him and asshole that ive talked to it about because of what he did. can someone help me?

sorry if this story is hard to follow. comment and ill tell you more if you dont understand.
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